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Aroma of the songs Banner

Aroma of the songs

Transforming songs into intricate rose petals


I love music and frankly, who doesn't. From my childhood days, I have this innate tendency of tinkering things for example, from sending songs wirelessly using light, trying encoding songs visually to making machine generated synthetic songs, somehow music has always been a center piece to all of it. “Aroma of the songs” follows this progression and transforms songs into roses creating exploration space of a unique kind — the one that helps you in connecting with music while impacting you on many levels.

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Contre Sozial Banner

Contre Sozial

Breaking the doomscrolling cycle with Contre Sozial.


Contre Sozial tries to eliminate the biggest problem in social media networks, that is, doomscrolling using the power of machine learning algorithms.

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Connect-Me Banner


Chrome & Firefox Extension for connecting with FOSSASIA

Open Source

Connect-Me helps the user to star all the FOSSASIA, OpnTec and the sister project repositories, helps the user to follow core members and founders of FOSSASIA community, it helps the user to easily become a member of the FOSSASIA community, helps the user to explore the FOSSASIA projects, helps the user to connect with FOSSASIA on various social media platforms..

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MINN Banner


Manipal Indoor Navigation Network

Open Source

Wi-Fi indoor positioning system for Manipal University Jaipur. Global navigation satellite systems (GPS or GNSS) are generally not suitable to establish indoor locations, since microwaves will be attenuated and scattered by roofs, walls and other objects. Building three dimensional (3d) map of whole university is a difficult job. However, in order to make positioning signals ubiquitous, integration between GPS and indoor positioning can be made.

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Jiraffe Banner


One stop place for exploiting Jira instances in your proximity


Open Source

Automated security command-line tool for exploiting Template Injection, Information Disclosure, Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerabilities in across various Jira versions.

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Rqmts Banner


Generate requirements.txt file for any project by analysing package imports

Open Source

Rqmts is a fantastic stand-alone tool which generates requirements.txt file for any project by analysing package imports.

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Codeheat-CLI Banner


Command-line tool for winning Codeheat

Open Source

Tool to get all the information you need about Codeheat Coding Contest of FOSSASIA to get an edge over your competitors.

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BubblePoke Banner


Poke the bubbles

Open Source

Bubble Poke is definitely not a boring game. or is it just 12 lines, 11 sloc or 5.61 KB piece of garbage?

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Wapparalyser Banner


Fuzzing and fooling Wappalyzer


A security tool presented at BSides Delhi 2019 which defeats Wappalyzer, a red team tool used for enumerating web services running on targets.

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Belle Spotter Banner

Belle Spotter

Finding beauty in chaos using divine proportions


Using the existing studies on human face's beauty based on Phi and Golden Ratio proportions, this project was created for Jaipur's biggest cultural fest Manipal University Jaipur organizes, called, Oneiros. It all started with — what if we set-up a camera in the event where anyone can participate by facing the camera and can get rated, registering their scores on a wall.

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