I Love to Air Travel I Love to Air Travel I Love to Air Travel

"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark." — John Muir, Father of the National Parks

Life is full of all kinds of experiences that give you knowledge and enrich your soul. One of my favorite ways to immerse myself in new things is to travel. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have the time, health and resources to venture around the United States and a few parts of the world, and now that I’ve had a taste, my curiosity about what else is out there is through the roof.

What excites me the most about going to new places is the idea of experiencing something previously unknown to me. Whether it’s through the people I interact with, the terrain and geography of a certain place, or the memories I create when I visit somewhere, traveling is as exhilarating and fulfilling of a hobby that I’m growing increasingly in love with.

Above all, the most valuable thing travel provides is the opportunity to gain perspective on life outside of our bubble. Getting a glimpse of how other people see the world is everything. It’s a great reminder that we are so very small, yet at the same time, it gives you an appreciation for where you came from. It’s easy for us, especially in America, to get so wrapped up in our jobs and day to day tasks that we often forget there is an entire planet of people going through this thing called life, just like we are. Whether you are in the U.S., Argentina, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan or anywhere else, there is a whole world existing outside of our own every single day. Traveling is fulfilling and soul-nourishing for the very reason that it reminds us to be grateful and that the world does not revolve around us.

I love getting to travel and I am grateful to be able to at this point in my life. Part of the reason I love it so much and take trips now is for the reason that one day, I may not be able to do so. There may be a time where I no longer can go somewhere whenever I please or visit a certain place because it is too far. So for now, it’s full steam ahead and I’m grabbing onto the seat in front of me with both hands.

Travel conjures Mushin. Mushin is achieved when a person’s mind is free from thoughts of anger, fear, or ego during combat or everyday life. There is an absence of discursive thought and judgment, so the person is totally free to act and react towards an opponent without hesitation and without disturbance from such thoughts.


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